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Purisima Creek Hike:

I have to admit that I haven’t been on many hikes in my life. It’s been so few actually, that I can count them on one hand. But every time I do manage to go hiking I find myself wanting more. Telling myself that I have to do this more often. When I got my new Sony Alpha A6000 camera I thought it would be nice to go hiking and take some photos. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up the hike, and how many people jumped on board.

The plan was to use the hike as a way to practice some photography. So admittedly I assumed we would take a few more brakes and treat the whole thing a little more leisurely. Instead, the group was full speed ahead and I didn’t get as many opportunities to take photos as I would like. Despite that I had a blast! The view was beautiful, the people were enjoyable and the workout was intense. So intense that I think it’s safe to say that it totally kicked my butt! lol. The distance alone wasn’t an issue, but the second half of the hike was pretty much all uphill and my body wasn’t having it.

I did need to take a break several times during the hike which made me feel bad about slowing down the group. But fortunately every time someone needed a break it gave me a chance to snap a few photos and give my lungs a chance to breathe. Finishing the hike was very satisfying and despite the difficulty I would definitely do the hike again. I gotta say the Purisima Creek trail in Half Moon Bay is definitely a beautiful trail. Highly recommended!

Next Hike:

The next time I try and put together a photography hike I will probably go with a smaller group of people. I also need to pick a shorter (or less steep) trail, and plan out a few breaks along the way to make room for mini photoshoots. If everyone knows in advance how often we are supposed to take breaks, things should go a little smoother. Also, I need to find more people who WANT to get their photos taken. Lol.

Have you ever done a photoshoot hike? If so, any tips to make it a more enjoyable and productive experience?

Until Next time,

xoxo, Tatyana

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