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Photos shot with: Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera & Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

I got my first camera to take photos of my art, I’m an illustrator, with the hopes that I’d shoot photography as well. Despite making no effort to improve my photography I figured having a nice camera would do the trick. Boy was I wrong. I managed to capture a few good photos here and there when at different events, but I didn’t really put the effort into improving. This Shanghai 1930’s event was about a year and a half ago, long before I decided to put effort into my photography. The photo’s aren’t terrible, but neither are they great.

Shanghai 1930’s Themed Birthday Party:

Jonathan of Jonathan’s Closet is the man behind the beautiful vintage outfits my friends and I usually wear to events. Having a friend with an impeccable taste in vintage fashion and a wonderful collection of vintage clothing definitely leads to some pretty kick-ass Birthday Parties. This particular party was no exception. The theme was a Shanghai 1930’s inspired deco birthday party for the man himself. The 1930’s western shanghai inspired fashion was not only beautiful but fun to wear.

The venue was a friends backyard which was beautifully decorated to fit the theme along with the food choice. One of my favorite parts was feeling as if I’d stepped back in time. Everyone was dressed to impress and it really added to the experience. I’ve been lucky enough to attend several authentic feeling events over the years. Despite that, I gotta give the man props for pulling off such good parties among friends.We’ve all been to a themed party where half of the party didn’t even try. It’s disappointing. Fortunately, this was not one of those.

Fun Among friends:

One of my favorite things about parties like this, aside from time traveling, is spending it with friends. Getting dolled up, taking photos and having a generally good time with people you love. Whats not to enjoy? As a fan of vintage fashion in general I find myself drawn to styled events. Give me an excuse to play dress up, and I’ll be there (most of the time). However nothing enhances an experience more than sharing it with good friends.

Have you ever attended a vintage party? Whats your favorite era?

Until Next time!

xoxo, Tatyana

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